System Thug

Welcome to a playground for thinking, diddling, sharing and otherwise making the world a better place for the sysadmins at Kiva Networking.

Find herein collections of information that we've found useful, some code we have developed that you may find useful as well, ruminations on things important to us, a link or two, and miscellaneous thoughts and recommendations. We'd like to hear from you if there's something here you found that's useful

Over the years we've rolled a fair amount of our own software, mostly so we can get our jobs done. Some of the tools or patches have proven useful enough to us that we thought someone else might find them useful as well. These are all opensource projects and as such we would very much appreciate any input people may have on these things. Some of these are new and well maintained some are old and crufty but have some value as information.

Words to live by, but not to die by

0.  Anything tedious can be automated
1.  Precision counts
2.  Doneness includes documentation
3.  Take time to be flexible and scalable
4.  Don't speculate, measure
5.  Simpler the better
6.  Done is better than perfect
7.  Tools that do one job and do it well
8.  Release early, release often
9.  Don't get bogged down by preconceieved notions
11. Be verbose. Be very verbose.
12. Information wants to be free
13. Illegitimi non carborundum