Application Testing


LFI-scanner – Local file inclusion scanner
LFI RFI PD Scanner – Remote file inlusion scanner
SQLi Scanner By drie88 – Custom SQLi scanner using Google Dork
DeCaDe SQLi Scanner – Custom SQLi scanner using Google Dork
Parser/Dumper – Online SQL injection values parser/dumper
DOM XSS Scanner – Discover DOM XSS security flaws
XSS Scanner – Free online XSS scanner
Anubis – Analyze infected files for malware
Comodo Automated Analysis System – Check executable files for malware
CWSandbox – Automated malware analysis and sandbox
EUREKA Malware Analysis Internet Service – Automated Malware binary analysis service
Norman SandBox – FREE online Malware analysis
ThreatExpert – Check suspicious file online
VirusTotal – Analyzes suspicious files and URLs for viruses/malware
Conficker Eye Chart – Checks system for Conficker