Blogs Worth Mentioning

Carnal0wnage – Carnal0wnage &; Attack Research Blog
McGrew Security – McGrew Security Blog
Blog | GNUCITIZEN – Information Security Think Tank
Darknet – Don`t Learn to HACK – Hack to LEARN – A personal blog of Tom Eston
TaoSecurity – Richard Bejtlich’s blog on digital security – Blatherings of a Security Addict
SIPVicious – By EnableSecurity – PortSwigger Web Security blog
Blog – – Taking the monkey work out of pentesting
Jeremiah Grossman – Jeremiah Grossman on web application security – Arshan Dabirsiaghi’s security tools
C????�� (in)s??u?it? – Chris John Riley’s blog on security
SkullSecurity – Just another security weblog
Metasploit – Rapid7 Community
Security and Networking – Security and Networking – Mike Bailey’s blog on security
Digital Soapbox – Down the Security Rabbithole!
Tssci security – Top secret/sensitive compartmentalized information
GDS Blog -Blog -Gotham Digital Science
Reiners� Weblog – Anything about web security
Bernardo Damele A. G. – Information technology thoughts
Laramies Corner – Edge-Security team – Attack and Defense Labs
Billy (BK) Rios – Thoughts on Security in an uncivilized world
Common Exploits – Exploitation tools &; techniques for penetration testers
Extern blog SensePost – SensePost blog – Weapons of mass analysis
Exploit KB – Blog|exploit KB
Security Reliks – Tips,tools, and research for penetration testers andincident handlers – Open source security
Sirdarckcat – Security and programming blog
Reusable Security – Password cracking,and crypto
Myne-us – Myne-us blog – From pentesters to pentesters
SpiderLabs Anterior – Official blog of SpiderLabs
Corelan Team | Peter Van Eeckhoutte(corelanc0d3r) – Knowledge is not an object, it’s a flow
DigiNinja – Something about security
PaulDotCom – Security podcast
Attack Vector – Information & network security – Lockpicking etc.
Alpha One Labs – Community hackerspace in Brooklyn – Informaion security policy, procedures and checklist
Wirewatcher – Looking beyond the obvious
Gynvael.coldwind//vx.log – Gynvael.coldwind//vx.log
Nullthreat Security – Nullthreat security
Archangel Amael’s BT Tutorials – Simple blog about Back Track pen-testing tutorials
Memset’s blog – Yet another computer science blog
Ihasomgsecurityskills – Just another Security/Pentesting blog
Punter-infosec – VA/PT,ethical hacking,information Security
Security Ninja – Security research, news & guidance
Security and risk – Information security is based on outsmarting the other side
GRM n00bs – A blog for noobs by noobs
Kioptrix – Learning security together
::eSploit:: – Security news blog
PenTestIT – Information security news