Ultimate Training

Working with Hashes in Ruby – Syntax rules for using hashes.
The ethical hacker network – Pen testing Sharepoint
Anatomy of Cross Site Scripting
Whitepapers – technicalinfo.net
Tales from the crypto – Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) no script required
InterN0T -Cross Site Scripting – attack and defense guide
BlackHat-EU-2010 -Lindsay-Nava-IE8-XSS-Filters-slides.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Sirdarckcat – Our favorite XSS filters and how to attack them
Filter evasion – Houdini on the wire
HTML5 – HTML5 security cheatsheet
XSS – Cross Site Scripting
XSS info – Web application security forum
Web application security consortium- articles – DOM based Cross Site Scripting or XSS of the third kind
12robots.com – What’s possible with XSS?
Google’s Python class – Free class to learn Python
Learning Python -Table of contents – notes
Python – Free educational video tutorials on computer programming
Python videos, tutorials and screencasts – 147 video-series, 540 videos and 16 learning-paths with the tag python
Learning Python – Video lectures – good coders code, great reuse
NY University course – Penetration testing and vulnerability analysis
Network sniffers class for the Kentuckiana ISSA 2011 – Hacking illustrated series infoSec tutorial videos
CNIT 124 Advanced ethical hacking – by Sam Bowne
UCSB – CS279 – Advanced topics in security
Stanford – CS142 Web programming and security
Stanford -CS155: computer and network security
USCD – CSE 227: computer security
Berkeley.edu – CS 161 : computer security
UCLA- information security – 0x0D: WebApp hacking/encryption
RPI-academics – CSCI 4971 secure software principles
UNIX security – MCS 494, UNIX security holes, fall 2004
CMU – Software security
T-110.6220 – Special course in information security P(2-10 cr)
Metasploit Unleashed – Mastering MSF
Metasploit class videos – Hacking illustrated series infoSec tutorial Videos
Metasploit megaprimer – 300+ mins of video
Metasploit tips and tricks – SecTor 2010 – Ryan Linn
OffSecOhioChapter – Metasploit class2 – part1
OffSecOhioChapter – Metasploit class2 – part2
OffSecOhioChapter – Metasploit class2 – part3